Dear You Duology

  1. Dear You
  2. Dear Kate (Coming Soon)

Dear You is the first of two books in the Dear You Duology. It is based on a real life situation in which I wrote letters to a nonexistent person during a distressing time. Like Kate, it was a way for me to pour my thoughts and emotions onto paper when I had no one else to talk to. Also like Kate, I learned how to open up to trusted people around me and how to use more positive ways to improve my life using my own strength.

Dear You is Kate’s story. She meets Pietro “Pete” Palazzo who uses alcohol as a way to deal with his problems. Dear Kate is Pete’s story. You will read about how he faces his demons, accepts love from friends and family, and kicks the alcohol to the curb.

In both books you will meet the Italian Palazzo family. They love good food almost as much as they love family. Learn about some of the Italian food and Italian words found in Dear You

Dear You is available now on Amazon and wherever books are sold in both paperback and ebook formats. Dear Kate will be coming soon. Sign up for my newsletter for the latest updates on new releases.

Principal Characters in Dear You

Kate Malone — The heroine

Lena Palazzo — Pietro’s cousin who breezes into Kate’s life and coaxes her out of the dark shadows with Italian food and friendship. She is nothing like her cousin thank goodness.

Paddy Malone — Kate’s 9 year-old brother who she adores.

Pietro Palazzo (also called Pete) — A guy Kate meets who annoys the heck out of her with his all-women-must-love-me attitude.