Italian Word Glossary


Here you will find the Italian words used in Dear You all in one place.

  • Amica — Friend
  • Amore — Love (also seen as amore mia or mia amore meaning “my love”)
  • Arrivederci — Goodbye
  • Bella — Beautiful. It is used as a term of endearment
  • Buono — Good
  • Capisco — I understand
  • Cara — Dear (also seen as cara mia or mia cara meaning “my dear”)
  • Ciao — Hello or Goodbye
  • Cugina — Cousin
  • Familia — Family
  • Favoloso! — Fabulous!
  • Grazie — Thanks
  • Io so — I know
  • Mamma — Mom
  • Mamma Mia! — This literally means “My Mama.” It is used as an exclamation like the phrase “my goodness!” (Side note: Have you seen the musical Mamma Mia? Amazing music!)
  • Non più — No more
  • Pace — Peace
  • Papà — Dad
  • Passerotta –This literally means “baby sparrow.” It is a term of endearment used for children
  • Perfetto — Perfect
  • Sì — Yes
  • Va Tutto Bene — All is well, okay

In Italian, as in the other Romance languages of French and Spanish, there is an ending on nouns that gives it gender. Italian uses -a for female and -o for male. So the word cara is used for your lady love and caro is used for your gentleman. All the words above that end in -a can end in -o for a male.