Dear You

Is fourteen too young to have a midlife crisis?

I remember exactly why I started writing to him. I felt desperate and alone—as if no one in the world remembered I existed and needed to be cared for. These letters were never put in an envelope or sent across the miles, because there was no address. 

He didn’t exist.

But none of that mattered. What mattered was that for the first time in forever, I had someone who I could share my thoughts and feelings and secrets with. What mattered was the sliver of hope I clung to for dear life that someone would come rescue me. 

My mother promised our new life would be better for all of us after fleeing from my abusive father, but it’s only been an illusion. Just like the letters I write to a person with no name.

As if a new neighborhood and a new school weren’t enough to throw me off balance, Lena, a little Italian hurricane blows into my world with cappuccino, homemade food, and friendship. She thinks these things can make everything better. She might just be right.

But I’m so used to hiding in shadows and staying safe within the fantasy of control I built for myself that I have a hard time accepting what life has gifted to me.

I’m not ready to let go of my invisible savior. Because if he doesn’t come for me, who will?

Dear You is about 52,500 words in length. 

Dear You is a coming of age story about 14 year-old Kate Malone. And although it is a clean book (no graphic violence, steamy scenes or major cussing), there are topics in Dear You meant for teens such as teenage drinking, suicide, and domestic violence.

Coming Soon…Book 2 called Dear Kate

Italian Word Glossary for Dear You

Italian Food and Recipes for Dear You

Principal Characters in Dear You

Kate Malone — The heroine

Pietro Palazzo (also called Pete) — A guy Kate meets who annoys the heck out of her with his all-women-must-love-me attitude.

Lena Palazzo — Pietro’s cousin who breezes into Kate’s life and coaxes her out of the dark shadows with Italian food and friendship. She is nothing like her cousin thank goodness.

Paddy Malone — Kate’s 9 year-old brother who she adores.

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