Why Being Quirky is Cool

First, you might being asking, what the heck does quirky mean?

Well according to Google’s dictionary it means “characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits.” Synonyms are: eccentric, unconventional, or out of the ordinary.

In other words, it means you have something that others don’t or you march to the beat of your own drum. Which means being quirky is cool!

Here are some quirky things I like about myself:

  • I am ambidextrous (left and right handed).
  • I can read upside down or backwards or both at the same time.
  • I am a leap year baby.
  • I love to pretend I’m a character from a movie or a book and use a different accent when I talk.

Things my sons think are quirky about me

  • I sing the wrong lyrics to a song, can never remember the right lyrics to a song and when I do remember the right lyrics, it’s only one line I sing over and over.
  • Sometimes I wear my clothes inside out or backwards. Not on purpose–it just happens.
  • I love buying organizers. perhaps because I hope they will magically make me organized.

I love to boast about the quirky things about me because they are the things that make me stand out from all the other human beings on the planet. And personally, I think being like everybody else is BORING.

What makes you quirky? Post in the comments below and share your awesomeness with the world!

Love Life! Love Yourself! Love Your Quirky!

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